Authentic Japanese snacks, made by a local Japanese manufacturer, boxed

Want to eat authentic Japanese snacks but can’t go to Japan? We have the answers you desire! Sakurako I can take you to Japan without leaving home!

Since the pandemic still restricts international travel, we cannot go to the countries we want to go, which is frustrating. As a travel blogger, I really feel the negative changes brought about by these restrictions, from travel agreements to additional requirements, making it more difficult for us to go to the destinations we want.

One of the most popular destinations now is Japan,no doubt. Many people are just waiting for the country to open so that we can enjoy Japanese culture again-I am one of them! Ha ha!Actually at the end January 2020Yes, I was in Japan before the pandemic hit! That was my first visit to China. After that visit, I was already thinking about when to go back. Unfortunately, unforeseen pandemic events made this impossible. But hey, I found something-a box of Japanese snacks!

Sakuraco An authentic Japanese snack made by a local Japanese manufacturer

Japanese cuisine Undoubtedly one of the best food in the world! Not only food, but their snacks are always on people’s craving list. Sadly, because the country is not yet open for tourism, Japanese snacks are not available. Of course, we can order some authentic snacks online anytime, but it’s a bit expensive, and choosing different snacks is also frustrating because you just want to try everything! right?

Well, inconvenience is no longer a problem Sakurako Box! A box full of Japanese delicacies!

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What is cherry blossom?

Sakurako It’s a monthly subscription box full of 20 different traditional Japanese desserts. Snacks and tea are sent to subscribers worldwide every month. Each month has a different theme; help more people understand and discover more aspects of Japanese culture throughout the year!

Sakuraco An authentic Japanese snack made by a local Japanese manufacturer

The best thing about Sakuraco is that it offers 100% authentic handmade snacks, so you know you are enjoying the food! With this, all the snacks in the box cannot be found in a typical Japanese convenience store. They come directly from a local Japanese manufacturer and only provide a box of high-quality handmade snacks!

Autumn is approaching, and only a few days are left with the autumn theme of the cherry blossom trees!To see their complete list of November boxes, please check here.

My authentic Japanese snack experience!

I am happy to share with you my personal experience of Sakuraco. I only know that I received a box, but what I received was a big surprise. I received the taste box of Mount Fuji with the theme of October 2021!

Sakuraco An authentic Japanese snack made by a local Japanese manufacturer

Mount Fuji Shared by Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture. Shizuoka is famous for its abundance of green tea and has tea gardens that stretch for miles. Yamanashi is an ideal place to harvest fruits all year round because of its unique climate!

Having said that, I think you already know what I ate this month! This is the complete list I received:

Sakuraco An authentic Japanese snack made by a local Japanese manufacturer

  • Fuji Owan Bowl (I like the uniqueness of this design bowl!)
  • Matcha Sencha (x2)
  • Red Fuji Cookies (x2)
  • Kyoho Grape Chocolate Chip Cookies (x2)
  • White Peach Milk Bun
  • Porridge Matcha Tiramisu Baumkuchen
  • Cabocha Pudding Bread
  • Green tea biscuits
  • Green Tea Duck
  • Castella Cake Roll
  • Awase jelly
  • Mochi
  • Kokeshi Doll Senbei (x2)
  • Mibaibe Senbei (x2)
  • Ototo Soy Sauce Potato Chips
  • Miso

Sakuraco An authentic Japanese snack made by a local Japanese manufacturer

Twenty kinds of delicious snacks in a box! The beautiful box filled with fine snacks completed my month. Not only will you get a box full of snacks, but you can also learn about the history and culture of the origin.

Matcha with Japanese sweets and sweets, everything is available! I didn’t eat most of the snacks here when I went to Japan, so it was really attractive.

The design of Red Fuji Biscuit and Japanese Puppet Senbei is very cute; I don’t want to ruin it by eating it, but I will give 2 thumbs up for its design and taste. My personal favorite is Kabocha Pudding Bread-it’s soft and delicious! I really like the collection of these cute goodies!

How to enjoy cherry blossoms?

Sakuraco An authentic Japanese snack made by a local Japanese manufacturer

Subscription is the answer! As mentioned earlier, Sakuraco is a subscription type service. But it’s easy, all you have to do is choose a plan and subscribe to it. As long as your subscription is valid, Sakuraco will deliver these boxes to you every month.

To get an exclusive Sakuraco box like me, please subscribe here!

Things to remember:

The box is always ordered last month; for example: to get the May box, “Mochi & Sakura Tour,” you need to subscribe before the end of April (Japan Standard Time). If you If you subscribe in May, you will get Sakuraco June gift boxes with different themes and more. Don’t worry, because they always reveal next month’s box theme at the beginning last month.Just follow their social media accounts, for example Facebook, Instagram, with Twitter Get all updates.

How much is the subscription fee?

Sakuraco offers different plans, such as monthly plans and multiple prepaid plans-all plans have different prices. They are as follows:

  • Monthly: USD 37.50 per box, charged monthly
  • 3-month prepaid plan: $35.50 per box, billed every 3 months
  • 6-month prepaid plan: $33.50 per box, billed every 6 months
  • 12-month prepaid plan: $32.50 per box, billed every 12 months

As you can see, the prepaid plan is cheaper and more convenient compared to other plans. You don’t have to worry about updating your plan every month! Of course, it still depends on which plan is best for you, but it is highly recommended that you use the prepaid plan, especially if you miss some good authentic Japanese snacks!

In addition to Sakuraco, you can also try other boxed snacks with different themes:

I am glad i found Sakurako And be able to try Japanese cuisine while away from Japan. I hope you can also try it and enjoy it like me! You will not regret it!

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