Audi teases new RS3 sedan and station wagon in sustainability report

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As we slowly approach the last chapter of gasoline performance, every car manufacturer is striving to provide the most impressive gasoline-powered cars.The new compact A3 will be launched in 2020 as a new model on the MQB Evo platform, So it’s time to look forward to New RS and S models. When I drive the S3, I really like it. It is the perfect balance of power, weight and size for everyday drivers. I have never really liked RS because it is so fast.Well, the new one will definitely Even faster.

In recent months, deliveries of Audi S and RS models hit a record high, so it makes sense for the company to hope to launch new “affordable” models as soon as possible. Obviously, it needs something to compete with Mercedes’ new A45 S AMG, which has 415 horsepower and 368 pound-feet, so be prepared for a powerful five-cylinder engine. The new super hatch and the replaced car will bring a new level of nuclear power to the mutually assured destroyer.

Although we did not buy a hatchback in the US market, we did buy a sedan during the 2017 facelift. Technically, you can still buy the new 2020 model of the car here, but why do you want that underpowered 362-horsepower old model? It’s really bad when new fresh horses with more than 400 horses appear next year! Obviously, you must get the new one. Consumption. Consume!

Obviously, the new RS3 will still use a turbocharged 5-cylinder engine, because the 1-2-4-5-3 ignition sequence is printed on the side of the car. It makes sense that RS3 will share the same DNWA designated gasoline The 2.5-liter inline five turbocharged found in the RS Q3 crossover. In the crossover, it produces exactly 400 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. Audi is likely to add a little more power to its top-of-the-line compact railway burners. Come on Audi, do Elon Musk’s thing, give us 420.

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