Andy Weir’s “Hail Mary Project” is once again a “Martian”

After losing control The success of his first book MartianIs a science-driven thriller about a stranded astronaut, spawning a movie starring Matt Damon, Andy Weir tried to be a lot of science fiction writers What you did before trying.It will be called Zeke.

He said: “I think this will be my big action.” “My epic science fiction legend, everyone will understand me. I typed about 70,000 words, but I had to give it up because it didn’t Fusion together-the characters are not interesting, the plot is spreading. This will be a huge book that no one wants to read.”

So he put it aside and wrote Artemis, Tells of a smuggler living in a lunar colony.But there is an idea Zeke It is constantly at him. It is a fictitious substance called “black matter”. It emits electromagnetic waves and absorbs all the matter that passes through its path and grows in the process.

This idea became Hail Mary Project, Will’s new book, saw the return of what he called the “isolated scientist story”.Obviously, this is a magic weapon-MGM has obtained the film rights, and Ryan Gosling as a star. In the book released on Tuesday, an American guy named Ryland Grace woke up in a spacecraft. He didn’t remember who he was or the way he got there. He had to rely on his own wisdom and A series of scientific experiments to preserve not only himself, but also human beings. (The mild spoiler follows.)

During the journey, Grace encountered an alien life form while performing a similar task: a spider-like creature with a thick exoskeleton that can inhale ammonia and find that oxygen is poisonous.However, instead of plucking a terrifying beast from the depths of his imagination, it is either to go on under a shortage of funds Star Trek The wardrobe designer pastes some plastic fragments on the human body. Will uses the same scientific method, namely Martian Propose a reasonable alien life form for his new book.

Will said: “I really hate coincidences in science fiction,” which is a way of explaining why he decided earlier in the book that all life forms in the book share a common, distant ancestor. He believes that the opportunities for life evolve separately in two star systems, and the distance between the star system and human technology is very close, and the distance between each other is very small. “For each of them, developing their own lives independently seems to only damage their credibility.”

This limits the types of planets his aliens can live on, and Will searches the Milky Way to pick two actually observed planets as the planets on which his book is based. He said: “Little is known about them.” “All we know in real life is their approximate mass and their orbit around the star.”

From there, he was able to infer. He said: “I started to design their biology by observing the earth.” He knew that he wanted the aliens in the book to be as different from humans as possible-unable to survive in our environment, just like we can’t live in their environment. The same.

One of the planets he used as a starting point is a very tight orbit around the sun, namely 40 Eridani, which means it is very hot, but because the creatures living there have a common ancestor with us, it will not be too hot. Water exists in liquid form, because otherwise there would be no such things as DNA and mitochondria. Will said: “But the only way to make it really, really hot and make the water liquid is if there is really a very high pressure, it will affect the earth’s atmosphere, and thus also the people living on it. The biological characteristics of living things.” The air is full of ammonia, so they breathe, but light cannot pass through, so they are blind.

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