Andrew Lloyd Webber, theater manager risking imprisonment

“Come to hell or high water…” he said.Andrew Lloyd Webber (Andrew Lloyd Webber), British composer and theater manager, with such Cat, avoid with Star Express, Said this week that he is determined to open his West End theater at full capacity this month—regardless of the current government’s guidance on Covid-19.

Preview his latest work, Cinderella, Is scheduled to begin on June 25, just a few days after the coronavirus restriction is scheduled to be relaxed on June 21.due to Increased infection rate, But Lloyd Webber has Say He will be prepared to face any further delay and be sentenced to prison.

Although he was appointed as a colleague of the Conservative Party, he said that if there are more delays, he will not hesitate to start a legal battle with the government and told an interviewer that he is the “mother of all legal cases.”

The 73-year-old Lloyd Webber is probably the most watched composer among living composers. The New York Times described him in 2001 as “the most commercially successful composer in history” and has won multiple awards for his musicals and global success. He is one of only 16 people who have won Oscars, Emmy Awards, Tony Awards and Grammy Awards.His works-all by Really useful group, He founded in 1977-has a series of records: Star Express (1984) ran in London for more than 17 years; The Phantom of the Opera (1986) is the longest Broadway show ever.

Lloyd Webber originally planned to open Cinderella At Gillian Lynn Theatre (formerly New London Theatre, renamed in memory of the late choreographer) Cat) In August 2020. As the owner of seven venues, throughout the pandemic, he has been strongly opposed to regulations that forced the theater to close for a long time. They are currently allowed to operate with a reduced number of people, but Lloyd Webber believes that without full production, large-scale productions like his musicals are unsustainable.

The reopening activists pointed to the economic impact of the British theatre industry, which in 2018 received nearly £1.28 billion in ticket sales from more than 34 million people. -Employed, so they are particularly vulnerable to theater closures. Insiders worry about the loss of skills and personal difficulties. Lloyd Webber called for additional subsidies. He pointed out that the policy of allowing people to sit for a few hours on the plane but not two hours in the theater is inconsistent.

He also emphasized the safety measures of the theater. In September 2020, he stated at a government hearing that he “absolutely believes that the air in the London Palladium Theatre and all of my theatres is cleaner than the air outside”.

Approximately £6 million has been invested Cinderella, Its ensemble of 34 actors, dancers, musicians and others requires a huge cost. The cost of keeping his theaters dark during the extended closure period was about £1 million per month, and he said that further delays would force him to sell or close them permanently. According to the “Sunday Times” Rich List, Lloyd Webber’s personal wealth has fallen by 275 million pounds in a year and is currently 525 million pounds, although other sources believe his net worth is much higher.

Throughout his career, Lloyd Webber has faced controversy, including claims that plagiarism came from very different sources such as Puccini Estate and Pinker Floyd. But his overall originality is rarely questioned. Don Black, Co-written in 1989 Aspect of love, Claiming that “Andrew more or less single-handedly reinvented the musical.”

Born in a musical family in 1948-his mother is a violinist and pianist, his father is a composer, and his brother is the famous cellist Julian Lloyd Weber-he is very talented It has long been revealed.Career success begins Joseph and the magical colorful dream coat In 1968, when he was less than 21 years old; Cinderella Will be his 17th fully produced musical.

Many of his early hits were collaborated with the lyricist Tim Rice, but he has collaborated with many order to Cinderella He chose the versatile Emerald Fennell, a BBC screenwriter Kill eve Her comedy won this year’s Oscar for best original screenplay. Promising young woman, She also directed.

Lloyd Webber (Lloyd Webber) is an enthusiastic art collector, interested in pre-Raphaelite and Victorian painters, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Dante Gabriel Rossetti), Edward Burne-Jones and others. His collection-enough to fill all the main rooms of the Royal College of London when it was exhibited in 2003-helped restore the reputation of the previously outdated genre (and raise the price). An expert, Christopher Wood, wrote of Lloyd Webber’s passion for art: “It is often said that Andrew writes musicals to collect more paintings… Collecting is his true obsession.”

Other interests include extensive charity work for his own Andrew Lloyd Webb Foundation and other educational and cultural organizations. He was knighted in 1992 and was appointed Baron Lloyd Webber of West Monton in 1997, although he retired from the House of Lords in 2017.

You can decide next week or so whether Cinderella Go to the dance party-and whether its outstanding creators found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

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