Allegedly Dodge’s fastest muscle car ever will be electric

dodge have Repeated warnings In order to comply with imminent emission regulations, it needs to stay away from V8. However, electrification is not an excuse to stop the production of high-performance cars. According to reports, the company will use the instant torque of a battery-powered drivetrain to make the fastest car it has ever released.

section The huge Stellattis group Dodge was established in early 2021 and is following its other sister companies towards electrification.An anonymous source familiar with the automaker’s product line told Detroit Bureau one of them electric car Currently under development “will be the fastest [Dodge] Once”, the honor once possessed Challenger Demon Launched in 2018, the sprint time from zero to 60 mph is 2.3 seconds. since then, Various electric car manufacturers Have Claim 0-60 mph faster Times. The old demon also completed a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds at 140 mph.Assuming the engineer succeeds, Dodge’s hot rod electric car might be better than Tesla Model S Plaid And its claimed 1.91 second sprint.

Dodge has not elaborated on its electrification strategy, so we don’t know rumor The EV will appear in the form of a coupe or sedan.It is not unreasonable to assume that we will see it being previewed by a concept, and it may even be built for towing; competitors; Chevrolet This road was already opened when it was built 700 hp CUP Camaro In 2018. Ford Built an electric Mustang The trailer too, A quarter mile time to defeat the devilSimilarly, there is no news about when we will see this mysterious electric car in the showroom. However, there is no sign that it is in sight.

Don’t be afraid, high-octane fans. The Dodge hasn’t been fully electrified yet.It plans to build Challenger According to the document, at least until 2023 Publish Launched by the Canadian Union in 2020, as well as new variants of the coupe and its charger The siblings (pictured) are on the company’s roadmap.It’s too early to tell whether the Hemi V8 engine will die because of these machines, but Detroit News Also emphasized Plug-in hybrid vehicle Technology is on Dodge’s radar, it’s with Annotation Manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles at the time in January 2019 (FCA) Boss Mike Manley.

“I think electrification will definitely become part of the formula for the future of American muscles. It will not be a V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower engine,” Manley said Next challenger.

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