Alexander Povetkin vs. Dillian Whyte 2: Prediction, cards, start time, odds, live broadcast, owed cards

In the first four rounds of Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin in August 2020, all matches are planned. Then, with just a punch from Povetkin, everything changed. Whyte spent more than 1,000 days as a mandatory challenger for the WBC heavyweight championship, but when Povetkin fell into the cruel way of punching, Whyte felt cold even before hitting the canvas, but White (WBC) The transition zone has lost this status.

Now, the two men will play again on Saturday (3pm EST, Daze) At the Europa Point Stadium in Gibraltar. After all, in the absence of a chance for the favored fighter to get the correct posture, it is rarely uncomfortable to suffer from boxing matches.

Whyte fights for the chance to become a heavyweight world champion, and the chance will not come soon because of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Dione Wilder ( Deontay Wilder)’s potential super warfare in the department will be deadlocked. But after defeating Povetkin twice in the fourth round when they first met, he seemed ready to maintain his position. It seems that the 41-year-old Povetkin is destined not to see the scorecard, let alone raise his hand at the end of the game.

In just 30 seconds into the 5th round, Povetkin slipped his fist, leaned to the left, and removed the upper cutter, which caused Whyte to hit the canvas and received great sadness.

Povetkin has only lost twice in his career, both times when he had a chance to fight for the world championship. He lost to Wladimir Klitschko for the first time in 2013 and was then eliminated by Anthony Joshua in 2018. Another victory against White will put Povitkin in the final shot of the world championship title until he withdraws from the sport.

This card may not be that deep, but for British fans, there are some interesting battles to invest in. Ted Cheeseman is back after defeating James Metcalf in the super middleweight game. The 25-year-old Cheeseman has experienced a crazy career in the past two years. He has accumulated a record of 1-2-1 while challenging the British and European welterweight championships. Now, he succeeded Metcalf and once again won the British Super Middleweight Championship.

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Also on this card, more and more potential middleweight customers are gradually familiar with the pond. Potential British client Chris Kongo defeated Michael McKinson with a high price of 147 pounds. So far, Kongo has performed well in his young career, topping the list with a 12-0 record and 7 knockouts. However, like most young players, his growth has been slow, but he has not improved the level of the game. Mackinson did not improve much, but he did maintain an unbeaten record at 19-0, and his resume has only two knockouts.

Battle card, odds

  • Dillian Whyte -400 vs. Alexander Povetkin (c) + 310, WBC Interim Heavyweight Champion
  • James Metcalf -150 vs. Ted Cheeseman +125, super middleweight
  • Chris Kongo -330 vs. Michael McKinson +260, middleweight
  • Fabio Wardley (Fabio Wardley) vs. heavyweight Eric Molina (Eric Molina)
  • Eric Pfeifer (Erik Pfeifer) and heavyweight Nick Webb (Nick Webb)
  • Youssef Khoumari vs. Kane Baker, super lightweight
  • Campbell Hatton vs. Jesus Ruiz, light


The reality is that Whyte is just the better boxer in 2021. Povetkin scored an almost perfect punch in the first meeting, but boxing did not restore the Cinderella story, and the mandatory rematch clause meant that the promoters could quickly “get things done.” it is good” . “Whyte handled Povetkin well in the first four rounds of the fight, although Povetkin has been doing some sneaky work for the body in the first few rounds. Povetkin is definitely a weaker once again, especially Whyte has a huge defense. Responsibility, and Povetkin is a good boxer of course. However, Povetkin’s COVID match was out of control and has been going on for several years. Whyte can speed up the pace, exercise and break Povetkin, and then stop again-as long as he It can avoid the occurrence of “a perfect shock” again. Choice: White through TKO8

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