Abolition cultural mathematics

The manufacturers of our AI-driven equipment spent a lot of time eliminating friction and making almost everything a breeze. They demand less and less of us, because they do more and more, whether we like it or not. One key instead of two. They make it easy to talk, buy things, and even cancel things. We don’t need to think twice. Or don’t think about it at all.

But friction is a good thing-not just because it may slow down your ability to send text that you hope you don’t have in the future, or make docking dialing more difficult. We need friction to get through the room.

Also, deleting rarely completely erases the content (including your old text). Cancel leaving a trace. In college, I received a transcript (which was real at the time), and the A in physics was crossed out, and it said B—the shadow of A is still clear. I recently turned down several invitations from my elderly professor and asked me to meet for a drink after class. Sexual harassment did not even have a name at the time. But this experience cancelled my interest in physics for several years.

As we all know, defeated enemies often come back, sometimes in different forms. Sometimes they will come back and bite you. Our campaign to eliminate “bacteria” has been very successful, and it has helped to produce more resistant bacterial species.

So what are the alternatives? Bad, dangerous and stupid things abound. What if we don’t cancel them?

In some obvious cases, addition can eliminate the need for subtraction—although it may be slower, more difficult, and more expensive. For example, I read that the analog clock is being taken out of the school classroom. Why? The decision to cancel the clock was because the students no longer knew how to use them to tell the time. Given that the clock resembles the rotation of the earth, this is a greater loss than it seems. Why not teach the children to read the hands on the clock?

Of course, most cancellations are not trivial, but options usually do exist-even if they require time and resources (and thought). We can repair, refactor, re-examine, re-design, limit, redirect, re-use, re-work, re-work, re-organize, reduce, re-examine, re-focus, transform, restart, re-think, reform and so on. The reform of our legal system is something that the law professor Jody Armor has studied and lived in his life, and reimagined in his new book, N*gga Theory: Race, Language, Unequal Justice and LawArmor believes that a truly progressive legal system places more emphasis on recovery, rehabilitation, and salvation rather than revenge, revenge, and retaliation.

If it abolishes the old way of understanding in order to support the new way of understanding, science will not progress. Scientists rarely completely abandon even wrong and obsolete ideas. On the contrary, the building blocks still exist, but with the discovery of new knowledge, more complete theories, and clearer explanations, they have new meanings and backgrounds. Science is additive in nature.

I personally find it strange that most people seem to see aging as a problem of cancellation. Indeed, getting old will weaken the mobility of our limbs, weaken our sensory range and acuity, cut off connections, shrink the body, and chip away memories. However, for me, what is easy to get is equal to what is lost. Of course, I would rather have no pain and pain, but they force my jury to go around obstacles-this is an interesting challenge (sometimes). If my joints are not so flexible, my prospects are even more so. I remember less, but I know more. My energy is lower, but I am more interested. I laughed harder. Sometimes this is the only thing you can do. correct.

The biggest thing we lose by canceling the culture is the dialogue itself. We are afraid that we will say the wrong thing. We are worried that we will be cancelled. Sometimes we don’t even bother to cancel, just “ghost”-a version of passive attack.

Needless to say, in the process of writing this article, the ghost of being phantom and canceled has been haunting me. But because I am closer to my expiration date than most people, it’s no big deal. Naturally, I will be permanently cancelled soon.

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