A tweet about a truck driver who looks like Amy Schumer is a joke

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Screenshot: Facebook/Selena 52

You may have noticed that comedian Amy Schumer is popular on Twitter today, I’m not sure I usually notice this, but the reason is very special: Post of a truck stop Inside there is a big rig driver who looks like Amy Schumer, with only a stupid vulgar T-shirt, one of the teardrop tattoos, which usually implies that you killed someone, a sign condemning public shit, etc. Even too much.

Come, look for it yourself From Celina 52 Truck Stop:

Where to start?A sign marked “Stop defecate in our parking lot”, or “Due to the Monster Energy brand”, how the value of the mini refrigerator reaches $500, or shirt or what Reward points? There is too much ridiculous shit here to choose what to focus on.

This doesn’t even mention Amy Schumer’s face or teardrop tattoos, which is indeed worthy of Celina 52’s own explanation:

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Screenshot: Facebook/Selena 52

Look?it is Manslaughter, Not murder. no big deal!We actually did an inspection, and it’s not even a big problem for CDL truck permits in some states, because “Death through CMV’s negligence or criminal operation” Only to be punished One year time out. Ha ha.

Now, of course, all of this seems incredible, because, yes, this is not true.

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Screenshot: Facebook/Selena 52

In case the other posts like to talk about Ghostly voice from their shower #3 Don’t convince you, I also noticed that the description on their page does list “sarcasm/parody”, although they seem to have been deleted now.

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Screenshot: Facebook/Selena 52

But come on. For our ordinary reality, all this is too perfect, too ridiculous, too interesting, too beautiful. The characteristics of reward points winners also seem to be a theme:

A bucket full of coconut biscuits, plush toys, and condoms all come from a guy in a “Daddy’s Little Slut” T-shirt? bring it on.

Celina 52 actually has a real gift, which is a lively fake shirt. see this:

Harry Potter hates Ohio! Gold! That is gold.

They actually seem to have a website that sells shirtsAlthough they have Truckin-n-Fuckin, sadly, they don’t seem to have the one Harry Potter hates Ohio. I think there are rights issues there, but they still exist.

And this important post:

A good urinal It is something I appreciate very much, so I hope to be available again soon.

So yes, this is definitely a joke. I contacted Celina 52 for comments and they responded as follows:

I don’t think Amelia has any fame, but she knows that her posts are widely circulated on Twitter. She is a good customer and even a better truck driver. Honestly, one of the best out there.

Although it is easy to be disappointed that this magical place is not real, don’t be sad.It’s still very interesting and I certainly respect Good scam like this.

Enjoy, stop shit in the parking lot.

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