A devastating Twitch Hack makes the streamer tottering

This morning, a Anonymous hackers released what they claim is a large amount of proprietary data cache twitch, A popular streaming media platform, including Twitch.tv source code and streaming media revenue information.

“Jeff Bezos paid US$970 million for this, and we gave it away for free,” the poster on 4chan reads. Today’s leak, whose original poster described it as “very bad”, was the biggest hit to Twitch so far, which was acquired by Amazon in 2014.

Leak, first by Chronicles of Video Games, Which reportedly contains 125 GB of data. The data includes the source code of Twitch.tv; Twitch’s mobile, desktop, and game console clients; proprietary SDKs; assets owned by Twitch, including Amazon Game Studio’s Steam competitor Vapor; and internal security tools. The leaked content does not seem to contain the personal information of the anchor or the user, but the loss seems to be great. The title of this article is “Twitch Leak Part One”, hinting that there may be more.

“any time Source code is leaked Ekram Ahmed, a spokesperson for the security company Check Point, said this is not good and could be catastrophic. “It opens a huge door for criminals to find loopholes in the system, malware, and possibly steal sensitive information.”

The 4chan poster also mentions the recent wave of hate attacks on Twitch, in which bot makers have been using stubborn harassment to send spam to marginalized streaming chats.Mentioned #DoBetterTwitch tag (More common is #TwitchDoBetter), the poster claims that Twitch is a “disgusting cesspool.”They wrote that the leak appeared to contain a large amount of proprietary data, with the purpose of “inducing more destruction and competition in the field of online video game streaming.” Twitch launched Several new tools Combat these hate attacks, and Prosecute There were two suspected hate attackers last month.

Twitch declined to comment on WIRED, but confirmed a violation on Wednesday morning. “Our team is working urgently to understand the severity of this situation,” the official Twitch account Tweet“As soon as more information becomes available, we will update the community immediately.”

“I wish I could say that I was surprised,” said Avery, who is the anchor of Littlesiha and did not disclose her last name for privacy reasons. “It took Twitch two months to find a way to protect marginalized creators who were harassed, threatened, and human-searched by chatbot raids. At this point, the security of the site is like a joke.”

Although most of the data seems to be legal, there is some controversy over the accuracy of streaming media revenue figures.Some anchors have Tweet That Their payment figures are accurate, while others are not. “This is wrong, my number,” the popular Twitch personality Asmongold said while playing Amazon’s new video game New world This morning. “It’s harder to screw up than that,” he told Wired magazine.

Nick “NMP” Polom, who also broadcasts live on Twitch, said: “I feel a little bit assaulted now.” His tens of thousands of viewers regard the leak as an opportunity to express a love package. Need more donations on such information. I work at McDonald’s. “(On Twitter, he wrote He “is now ruthlessly cast aside by my community because of’poverty’.” Thanks @twitch. “) Although many streamers expressed deep concern about the leak, some people turned it into a joke: the top streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, ranked 42 Swear I am one of the richest people on the platform,” he joke“I do much more than that.” (For many top streamers, Twitch spending is just one of many sources of income.) During the live broadcast on Twitch, Felix “xQc” Lengyel yelled, “I tell you all— —This is a fucking’T’ trillionaire!”

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