4 tips for consistently generating high-quality social media content for your small business

Nowadays, strong social media influence is the key to building a reliable brand, standing out and attracting potential customers.I recently learnt 43% of consumers always search for physical stores online before their first visit, which is a huge number. While all companies can benefit from social media, this is especially important for small businesses that don’t usually have a household name advantage.

However, a strong social media presence requires continuous content creation, which can take a lot of time. If you are a smaller business or even a company, you may want to know how to compete with a company that has a complete social media team. This will never be a level playing field, but we have seen small businesses accept what makes them different, so they shine on social media without having to spend a lot of money on advertising or hire the entire social team.

Here are some ideas that I have seen over the years that apply to individuals and businesses.

1. Learn from your customers (and data)

A good starting point is to pay attention to what your potential customers are talking about. What are their pain points? What are their problems with your work? What do they think about certain topics?These are good materials for content creativity, such as quick Q&A on Instagram or more in-depth teaching content on Facebook or LinkedIn.

In order to get into the minds of the audience, you can:

  • Scroll through the comments section of your social media pages and the comment sections of other companies and brands that you admire. (We recently listed these, Twitter, Taoist priest, with Ben Jerry All mentioned. )
  • Use the voting features available on most platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to ask your audience questions.
  • Send a more formal survey through your newsletter, and I recommend writing it short so that people can answer.
  • Use market research tools such as Answer the public or Google Trends See what people are searching for.

You should also regularly evaluate which of your previous posts performed best. Which one resonates most with your audience? Which one has more likes, comments, shares, reposts and saves? Find out the patterns and you will soon know what works. (Note: use analyzing tool Can help display popular posts more easily. )

After collecting all this information, please take some time to review it. What do the best performing content have in common? Does your audience prefer videos or emojis? Are inspiring posts or actionable instructions more popular? Once you have identified some patterns, you will learn more about them and create new content to provide people with what they want.

2. Use news and your own statistics

It is important to understand what is happening in your industry for many reasons, the most important of which is that it can provide you with endless content inspiration.

I use Twitter list Quickly grasp the topics currently reported by the media. Create your own list of journalists, experts, news sites, and influencers in your space. If you’re at a loss for content creativity, scroll to see what they’re talking about. You can repost their thoughts on what is happening or create your own.

You can also participate in the news by collecting your own data and sharing survey results with the community.For example, earlier this year we released our Remote working status in 2021, Which we created by surveying customers and potential customers. Each data point (such as the fact that 98% of respondents want to continue working remotely) can be its own interesting and engaging social post. We also used the report to create supplementary content, such as tips for managing remote teams, our favorite remote collaboration tool, and recommendations for unplugging while working from home.

Our remote work status report provides unlimited opportunities for interesting content. source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLHcaFQLFpn/

3. Behind the scenes

Consumers like to learn more about how businesses work and the people behind their brands.Simply put, show people who are running Humanize For business, this can be a very powerful marketing tool.

In addition, in the long run, showing how you develop a product or company (also known as public construction) can add a lot of value. In Buffer’s small business, this episode of big lessons podcast, Pennte Jacket Company Sharing their public buildings and sharing behind-the-scenes footage of how they improved their business, they now have a loyal following and sold out within minutes of their jackets.

Paynter on Instagram. source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWAZPeBocv0/

Like Stories, Reels, and IGTV, videos are a great medium for behind-the-scenes content, and they don’t have to be made very tall to attract someone’s attention. Since you are photographing elements of regular operations, it is also easier to create. Consider sharing:

  • Teammates’ daily life
  • Steps in the product manufacturing process
  • Take a tour of your work area (this even applies to remote teams!)
  • AMA meeting with team members
  • A satisfied customer uses your product

4. Make yourself a little easier

Of course, it’s great to come up with unique ideas, but you can supplement your custom content by reposting what you see on the web. Sharing articles about industry trends, inspiring pictures related to your brand, and even relevant memes can be added to your feed without taking up your precious time in the day.

Pro tip: If you stumble upon an article, picture or other content you want to share, you can use it directly in your browser Buffer browser extension. Schedule it immediately, and then go back to doing the rest of your to-do list.

As a small business, it can be overwhelming to develop a solid social media plan, but it doesn’t have to be. Set aside 30 minutes or so each week to focus on the content, choose one or two techniques from the above, and then continue to build from there. The results will speak for themselves and motivate you to keep going.

Is there any way you can come up with content that suits you well? Connect on Twitter let us know!

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