4 successful small business owners really worked in the Instagram campaign

Especially for entrepreneurs with countless non-social media related to-dos, it can be difficult to grasp Instagram trends. It seems that the algorithm is updated every other week, new strategies to drive growth, and new features to be used. While these insights and tools can be a powerful way to drive business growth, they can also overwhelm your social media strategy.

In order to eliminate the noise about how to best use the platform, we went straight to the source and chatted with four women about the most effective Instagram campaign they had ever launched.

Whether you want to get followers, promote sales, or serve your audience more broadly, take a page from their script and be confident-no matter what may happen to Instagram-they will be just like you The business owner has worked.

Strategy #1: Create a “how to” guide for your audience

Chan Savidra

The owner Save my cents, A platform designed to change people’s financial lives, one penny at a time.

The most effective Instagram campaign I launched: createThe “how to” guide on how to open and fund investment and retirement accounts works well for me. Part of the reason the campaign is so successful is that this information is not widely shared. People are really afraid of investing and think it’s true It’s complicated. Really, it takes a few minutes to open these accounts.

The growth I experienced as a result: Over time, I have completed some of these activities, and they are shared and liked more frequently than many of my other posts. I also got very good feedback-my followers actually accepted the suggestion and opened their account. This shows that my account has had a real impact.

Strategy #2: Join forces with others

Lexi Smith

Founder THEPRBAR Company, An online tutoring platform and resource center designed to help enterprising entrepreneurs and professionals expand their influence, influence and income.

The most effective Instagram campaign I launched: I took the lead and collaborated with eight other coaches in complementary fields to initiate a list building activity called the “empowerment project”. We all contributed a great free gift and advertised the event on various channels (mainly Instagram). All we ask is for the account to follow all participating coaches and provide their emails. The campaign was very successful for all participants and did not require any fees.

The growth I experienced as a result: We all captured hundreds of ultra-targeted emails and followers from the campaign without spending a penny. For us, it is more important to attract qualified audiences instead of just targeting a large number of vanity indicators.

Strategy #3: Create images to simplify sharing

Chen Bangni

Social media and content in Dreamers and Doers, A high-impact community and public relations hype machine that supports and amplifies extraordinary entrepreneurial women.

The most effective Instagram campaign I launched: Dreamers & Doers helps our members gain visibility in the media. Whenever they appear in one of our partner publications, I create images to help them share news widely.

Recently, 33 of our members appeared in an article on BlogHer, and I created custom images for each of them, and attached their photos and quotes from the article. This allows them to easily share their feature news on their social platforms. We also posted these pictures in Instagram stories and tagged each member, which made it easier for them to share and expanded the brand awareness of dreamers and doers to their different audiences.

The growth I experienced as a result: Our members are happy to share so simple, 70% of them share images on their network. As a result, a few days later, the number of followers, profile visits and clicks on our website increased. The increased visibility for dreamers and doers and our members makes this simple plan a huge win-win!

Strategy #4: Build trust through user-generated content

Marisa Pick

Founder Marissa Peak Consulting Co., Ltd., Providing strategic consulting focused on digital transformation, content marketing, social media strategy, personal branding, etc.

The most effective Instagram campaign I launched: The most effective activities I have participated in are those that feature user-generated content (UGC) and help showcase the brand. Compared with branded content, consumers trust user-generated comments and content more. When a brand can demonstrate success and products through the eyes of end users, natural participation will follow. Brands will see an increase in followers, engagement and reactions.

The growth I experienced as a result: A client of mine is trying to make their Instagram a major part of their entire campaign, but it brings very little traffic. After using clear call-to-action, paid media, and UGC, we saw this channel jump to nearly 9% of the site’s main referral traffic. The percentage of total traffic from social media channels to the website has also increased, but engagement, interaction and UGC have triggered a substantial increase in the account.

When it comes to your own Instagram journey, perhaps the most influential advice we can provide is to get started. Whether you are trying some of the above strategies or using them as inspiration to try another idea, the key is to start somewhere and see what resonates with your unique audience. You never know what might be successful for you and your business.

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