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4 powerful ways to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no longer just used to monitor your old colleagues.Many small business owners have discovered incredible benefits Use LinkedIn as part of its social media strategy, From building brand awareness to establishing contact with valuable mentors to finding new customers.

Although you can get a lot of attention by publishing from time to time, there are some tools that you may not know can increase your influence. Read on for some new ways to start using LinkedIn today—and some examples of how entrepreneurs use them.

1. Start the newsletter

You can already share your expertise easily by posting on LinkedIn, but to build your thought leadership and possible decent followers at the same time, check out LinkedIn’s new newsletter feature.

Publishing a newsletter is similar to publishing an article, but there is one key difference. When you publish an article, only a small percentage of people will see it in their feeds, depending on the platform’s algorithm and their level of attention. On the other hand, when you publish a newsletter, each of your subscribers will be notified that you have shared new content, which makes it more likely to increase the participation rate.

A newsletter is an ideal strategy if you want to write content on key topics and you can publish good ideas on a regular basis. E.g, Latisha Bird, Chief Executive Officer of Talent Development Agency Pefekta, Began to write a newsletter about her future work. Within two months of publication each week, she has nearly 5,000 subscribers.

Latesha Byrd’s LinkedIn newsletter, Perfeqta’s future work.

However, not everyone can publish newsletters at this time.In order to access it, you must Turn on creator mode On your dashboard and meet with you Certain access standards (At least 150 followers or contacts and a history of recently shared original content). Once you have access to the newsletter, when you click “Write Article” at the top of the homepage, you will see the “Create Newsletter” option.

Scroll down your profile page to find your dashboard, where you can turn on the creator mode.

2. Host real-time conversations

Live video is a popular content type across social platforms, and LinkedIn is no exception. There are many possibilities for LinkedIn Live video, but we think the best for small business owners is to hold an intimate conversation or roundtable discussion.

On the one hand, it allows you to take advantage of the incredible continuous engagement that video content provides. Just like on many other platforms, LinkedIn Lives will be retained as a recorded video after the event, thereby expanding your potential influence.

Sheryl Dorsey, Founder and CEO plug, I found that the effect of hosting real-time discussions is very good. “We may have 400-500 people watching the live discussion, and then I will check it a week later, and 4,000-5,000 people have watched the video. This kind of participation has greatly transformed our newsletter,” she said.

Real-time discussion on LinkedIn Hosted by Sherrell Dorsey of The Plug.

LinkedIn Live can also be a great way to connect with other leaders, tap their audience, and provide valuable content to your followers. “I can invite some outstanding people who are really doing this work,” Bird said in a live conversation she hosted. “Other companies can see that they have the possibility or get some practical tactics to bring back their organization.”

Similar to the newsletter, this feature is currently not available to everyone.You have to meet the same Access standard and then Submit access request Can be broadcast live.

3. Create or repost video content

If going live is a bit too difficult for you, that’s okay. For most of the Internet, all types of video content are now performing well on LinkedIn, just like we have seen elsewhere (Instagram Stories is a good example). Your video content doesn’t have to be almost as carefully crafted Videos from other platforms.

“The great thing about LinkedIn is that it doesn’t have to be super polished or professionally edited,” Bird said. “I shared My video I just walked to the camera and chatted for a minute about the terrible process of renaming my business. It has received so many likes and views that it even attracted the attention of the LinkedIn team. “

Hina Russell, Founder and CEO Local production, I agree that you don’t have to plan so carefully when posting a video on LinkedIn. “It feels like a low-pressure and low-risk environment, and I also feel that many other founders are sharing more freely.”

She will even repost videos created for other channels (such as Instagram Carousel), which feel suitable for her personal brand on LinkedIn. “This is not its purpose, but it does do a good job,” she said. “We are not a formal or dull brand at all, so I hope the small corner of LinkedIn can truly feel us.”

Sheena Russell of Made with Local reposts Behind the scenes on her LinkedIn feed.

4. Hire or find customers in the service market

LinkedIn is synonymous with recruitment by many people, but they also have an entire market dedicated to finding contractors and other service professionals. This is very useful for small business owners who usually cannot afford full-time help.

Just go to Service market And search for the support you are looking for: graphic design, public relations, accounting, lawyers, etc. You can send more information about your project and request a proposal in the LinkedIn app.

A marketing strategist who serves the market.

Or, if your company is a service provider, please use this feature to find your next customer! At the top of your profile page, click the “Find potential customers” box to add information about the services you provide and display in the marketplace.

Set up the services you provide on your profile page.

LinkedIn can provide many things. If you haven’t made LinkedIn as part of your overall social media strategy, I hope these suggestions can help you get started.Whether it’s one of these choices or a completely different choice, building a strong LinkedIn strategy can have a significant impact on your personal brand or small business, please check out more information shared by these entrepreneurs LinkedIn has affected their business hereAnd feel free to contact Twitter If you have any suggestions for other topics, you want us to report here!

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