28 Weeks: Hello Third Trimester!

I’m happy to say my pregnancy has been on the easy side physically but this week, that all changed. First, some stats!

Total weight gain: 5 pounds

Sleep: I get about 4-6 hours of sleep with a couple bathroom visits. I can go back to sleep easily, though. I can’t go to bed early so I’m usually in bed between 2am – 4am.

Best moment: Getting to see Coconut again! We saw them open their eyes and mouth. So precious!

Mood: I had several deadlines this week so I’ve been stressing a little. Also, I can be emotional and irritable at times. I’m trying to find my chill.

Coconut’s weight: 2.5 pounds

Right, so the start of my third trimester hasn’t been easy. Let me break it down:


I’ve been working at my desk all afternoon and when I finally got up I had cramping that made it difficult to walk. I held on to my belly so it didn’t feel like it would fall off or something. Silly, I know. The couple times I had to urinate hurt, as well. I put myself on bed rest for the rest of the night. Thankfully, Tuesday was better.


After the ultrasound appointment, I felt pressure in my chest that made it difficult to breathe a little, and I had what I assume to be acid reflux. I haven’t experienced it much throughout this pregnancy but I’m not surprised it’s happening now. Perhaps Coco was just pushing a little on my chest and stomach.


At 4:30 am I experienced the worst charley horse of my life. The usual movements I do to ease the leg cramping didn’t work and it kept getting worse and worse. I’ve never wailed so much and loudly in my life. Finally, my husband put some ice on it and applied some good ol’ Chinese analgesic lotion. A slight relief that was so I was finally able to fall back asleep. I was incredibly sore after waking up.


I went to my OB expecting a regular visit but come to find out my blood pressure is high so to be on the safe side, she sent me to labor and delivery. There, they took urine and blood and checked my blood pressure every 15 minutes for an hour. All tests came back normal, thankfully. They also monitored Coconut’s heartbeat and all was well with them. I was stressed out before my appointment so I can blame high blood pressure on that. Again, I must find my chill.

So, there you have it. I hope the coming weeks are better. Despite all that’s happened, I’m still so excited to bring in a new human being into this world. We really can’t wait to meet Coconut!

Coming soon…NAME REVEAL..maybe?


Photo taken by Colin, my main man
Edited by me

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