2022 Ford E-Transit gets full pricing and more detailed EPA range estimates

Ford Reveal Last year’s e-bus in 2022 As many of its alternatives Gasoline-powered commercial vehicle. At that time we had vague price information and range numbers for the largest range model, but Ford is ready to share more today.We provide detailed prices for the full range of E-Transit trucks, as well as corresponding estimated prices Environmental Protection Agency Range number.

The promise of a suggested retail price of less than US$45,000 has been retained, and the basic starting price of the low-undercut version is US$43,295. That was before the destination was added, but Ford still did not provide this number. We suspect it will be close to or equivalent to the standard Transit manufactured in the same Kansas City assembly plant. The truck requires an additional destination freight of $1,695. In theory, this will increase the final base price of E-Transit to $44,990, almost no more than the promised $45,000. Keep in mind that at this time, E-Transit is also eligible for a full tax credit of $7,500, which is a more attractive option for businesses seeking transactions.

The two cheapest models (Cutaway low ceiling and chassis cab low ceiling) are the only two data that do not have EPA estimates. The price of the chassis cab is only $530 More important than the profile.Complete breakdown for all prices and ranges goods Truck configuration (Ford will manufacture the remaining six versions), please continue to read the list below.

  • Low top/normal wheelbase: $47,185-126 miles of range
  • Low roof/long wheelbase: $48,395-range of 126 miles
  • Mid-size roof/normal wheelbase: $48,280 — 116 miles of range
  • Mid-size roof/long wheelbase: $49,490-116 miles of range
  • High roof/long wheelbase: $51,530-108 miles range
  • High roof/extended wheelbase: $52,690-108 miles range
  • As you know, when you raise the roof, the range drops. No surprises.

In addition to these details, Ford also shared the phone numbers of interested buyers. Ford said that at present, it has 450 commercial customers involved in 45 different occupations, and they are interested in buying. In order to better solve this problem, Ford stated that it will open a new registration website (Fleet.ford.com), potential buyers can specify the version they might want and include it in the notification when opening the order bank. You can now enter the list of Ford cars without depositing.

At the same time, Ford Motor is launching a pilot program to select workplaces and communities across the country, and many people will have the opportunity to try electric vans. After opening an order bank at some point in July this year, full availability will be achieved in the second half of this year.

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