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2021 WWE Crown Jewel predictions, cards, matches, start time, PPV preview, location, date

WWE will return to Saudi Arabia on Thursday afternoon to participate in the 2021 Crown Jewel. Like other events in cooperation between WWE and the Saudi government, this promotion brought a stack of cards to the Mohamed Abdul Arena on Riyadh Avenue.

The event started at noon EST and was broadcast live on Peacock. This card has nine games, including four championship games, one hell cell game, one unlimited game, and the finals of the Lord of the Rings and Queen Crown Championships.

Let’s take a look at how we think Crown Jewel will work on Thursday.

2021 WWE crown jewel forecast

Universal Championship – Roman Reigns (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Although Reigns’ title is starting to run out of creative steam, WWE seems not ready to buckle his belt. The core part of the entire Reigns vs. Lesnar story is Paul Heyman. Hyman used to be Lesner’s “supporter” and is now Rains’s “consultant”. Lesner exaggerated that Hyman was still in his corner, creating a sense of distrust in the Raines camp. Hyman revealed his loyalty to the “tribal leader” and it made sense to help Raines win to keep his title. Choice: Roman Raines retains the title

SmackDown Women’s Championship-Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair

WWE is hosting a large women’s game in Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia initially did not allow any form of women’s game to appear in these WWE shows. Lynch was selected to join Raw, but has the title of SmackDown. Well, it makes sense to ask her to put down her belt before moving. However, Charlotte Flair was selected to join SmackDown, but defeated Belair on Monday to retain her Raw Women’s Championship. Therefore, it is believed that the result here determines that anything related to the championship title is meaningless. WWE has shown that they are very happy to only The “headline swap” part is needed to correct the “wrong title on the wrong brand”. Choice: Becky Lynch keeps the title

WWE Championship-Big E (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

After spending too much time participating in the WWE championship picture, McIntyre lost to Bobby Leslie in a game and was forced to find other things to do. In this game, as long as Lashley holds the belt, he It is impossible to challenge the title again. So, of course, McIntyre became Big E’s first non-Lashley challenger after E’s victory. McIntyre turned to SmackDown after Crown Jewel. It is hard to imagine that WWE wants more title confusion between brands, or wants to end Big E’s reign so quickly. Choice: Big E keeps the title

Bobby Leslie vs. Goldberg (No Holds Barred)

Rushley dominated Goldberg on SummerSlam, forcing the referee to stop the game. After attacking Goldberg’s son after the game, Lashley claimed that it was just a misunderstanding. Goldberg did not buy this excuse and insisted that he intended to literally kill Lashley. Everything here was prepared for Goldberg’s vengeance and victory. This will be a classic WWE 50/50 booking, Lashley no longer holds the WWE title, and Goldberg’s son can help his father win the No Holds Barred rule. Choice: Goldberg wins

Edge vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a cell)

This should end the competition between Edge and Rollins. There is no better way to eliminate hatred than putting a wrestler in a cell. But WWE’s past disputes have been too long, and since both of them have turned to Raw, there may be disputes again. This is like Goldberg vs. Rushley, it has always been a story about walking too far on the heel and threatening the facial family. Rollins broke into Edgie’s home and tried to end Edgie’s career many times. In a professional wrestling script, this is where you let good people pass in a big gimmick match. Choice: Edge wins

Raw Tag Team Championship-RK-Bro (c) vs. AJ Styles & Omos

Randy Orton and Riddle have become a solid doubles team, and overall an interesting performance. Riddle hadn’t fully understood Orton’s willingness to sacrifice him, but Orton hadn’t fully realized it. This is a rematch of another SummerSlam game and another championship situation. In this case, it makes no sense to flip the belt. Styles and Omos have achieved good results as champions, but RK-Bro has a lot of stories to tell and has not benefited from giving up the championship. Choice: RK-Bro retains the title

Mansour vs Mustafa Ali

There is no easier card to choose than in this game. Mansour is basically the superhero on the WWE card of Saudi Arabia. He won the Royal War involving more than 50 people and remained undefeated in these shows. Ali-he has made it clear that he will donate the salary of this card to charity-is a good foil, but he has no chance to win this game. Choice: Mansour wins

Lord of the Rings Finals-Finn Balor and Xavier Woods

This is the right choice for the finals and gave us a unique game, which is very rare in modern WWE. Woods’ story has always been that his dream is to win the Lord of the Rings, and of course there are many people who support him in doing so. After losing to Reigns, Balor also needed a make-up action, because when he was about to win, the top rope “broken”. WWE then simply ignored that it happened and Balor removed it directly from the header image. The Lord of the Rings is something WWE likes to let a person wear a crown and be called the “king” for a period of time, which is more suitable for Woods than Ballor. It also adds another piece of history to a new day. Choice: Xavier Woods wins

Queen’s Crown Final-Doudrop vs. Zelina Vega

The Queen’s Crown Championship is definitely a joke. Really embarrassing in every way. So far, the average game time of the six tournaments is 2:16. Comparing this with the average Lord of the Rings game time of 10:03, it is easy to see why the entire game failed. The short-lived Queen’s Crown game is expected to continue on Thursday, when Doudrop will win, trying to take her struggling role to the next level. Choice: Doudrop wins


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