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Sorry, BMW And anyone I misled My most recent 2021 BMW M550i road test. When I suggested that this is the best performing 5-series with an M badge, I was wrong. This honor lies in where it belongs, M5 competition.

I made a typical mistake, which is to surpass myself, assuming that the rejuvenated M5 competition will suffer from the same problems that plagued the M5 competition. Pre-refresh car.with X5 M competition I drove last summer.with X6 M competition I drive in autumn. For their own benefit, they are too rigid and too serious. Very suitable for use on the track, but in most cases it will be endlessly annoying.

I think I’m an old man just like you read the book I’ve read, but it’s true. The M550i feels like a success story of the perfect balance I have been seeking in BMW’s iconic mid-size sedan: swift evil, skilled operator, silky on the highway. There are a lot of boxes to check, and although this is still an excellent sports car, the M5 competition is in every way the M car can get.

How to get there in the M5 competition is very simple. The car is equipped with a new adaptive shock absorber and a recalibrated control system this year. BMW said that the new components and improved tuning are aimed at “improving driving comfort during highway driving and bumps.” These new shock absorbers succeeded in accomplishing these tasks, making the M5 Competition a car that anyone in the car can use on a daily basis without the need to re-adjust the spine in later life. But don’t think that the M5 has become soft. Use the largest damper to switch the car to Full Sport Plus mode, where the ferocious tiger is still very active.

This remarkable duality is everything that cars like M5 have to solve, and this is one of the reasons why this model has become today’s enthusiast icon. The industry-leading steering feel and the third pedal are no longer part of the formula, but the chassis of this new M5 has returned to the car’s well-known glory to some extent because it provides an all-round vehicle for well-off enthusiasts. In every situation I want a car.

In addition to changes to the chassis, BMW also updated the M5 this year. As part of its mid-term update, many improvements have been made to the 5-series models. The style changes of the front bumper and the rear bumper are somewhat indistinguishable. The enhanced interior technology with dual 12.3-inch screens (one for musical instruments and the other for infotainment), Android Auto, can be played on it. New “Track” program screen and new rich colors. What you see here is not a new thing, but this is the Voodoo Blue option highly recommended in BMW’s personalized manufacturing plan.

There are many areas on the M5 that do not need to be improved, and BMW made sure to keep them. In other words, the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 is still a complete animal. In competition specifications, it produces 617 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque (just In the standard M5 armor, it reaches 600 horsepower, which can achieve a speed of 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds, which is one-tenth faster than a standard car. The race breathes through a super loud exhaust system (seriously, it is much quieter than Hellcat), and you will soon be loved by your neighbors and by you. Any conversations that take place near the large quadrilateral pipe during a cold start will require all parties involved to shout back and forth. This is fantastic! BMW’s M division offers a titanium exhaust option for $7,240, although this may cause excessive damage to excessive damage.

The suspension settings of the game are still more serious than the standard M5. Its height is reduced by 0.2 inches, the front and rear springs are 10% stronger, the rear anti-roll bar is stronger, and the front negative camber and toe corner ball joints are installed instead of rubber bushings. It is also equipped with 20-inch forged wheels, the front wheels use 275 knots of summer rubber, and the rear wheels use 285 knots of tires. This makes the observed improvement in ride quality even more impressive.

By extending the use of black gloss decoration, you will be able to distinguish the game from the standard M5. All the following colors are painted black: around the kidney grille, side mesh inserts, rearview mirror caps, trunk spoiler, badges, rear bumper inserts and exhaust vents. Inside, the package adds M Sport seats, a Merino leather-covered surface, M-striped seat belts and a light-up M logo in the headrest. All of this is $7,600 more than the standard M5.

If you plan to use M5, it’s worth it. And use it as you should. This car is a 4,295-pound missile (same as our tester, when equipped with carbon ceramic brakes).Compared to new M3 With its latest all-wheel drive system, this M5 race car weighs only 305 pounds.That more tsk-tsk To M3 ratio atta boy M5, but it helps to bring this large car into people’s sight.

With the launch control system, acceleration can be easily achieved. This engine quickly hit its huge peak torque wall with an impact of 1800 rpm, and then continued to rise to 5860 rpm. The M550i may be fast, but the fast-spinning, hard-core version in this M5 completely obscures this excellent engine — the M550i’s engine loses 1,000 rpm of peak torque output faster than the M5, which makes the M5 version feel more like It is a very high level. String the performance engine.BMW continues to prove its expertise to create some of the world’s Best engine, And the M version of this V8 is the best. The throttle response is as good as the boost motor, and it pulls all the way to the impressive 7,200 rpm red line without reducing drag.

Adding all-wheel drive to this M5 generation was and is still a brilliant idea. Although it is an all-round car only in rear-wheel drive mode (trust me, when you lock the power to the rear of this car, you will immediately become a child), but you will want all-wheel drive to take full advantage The ability of the M5 to get in and out of the corner is just silly fun. You will feel the active differential subtly pull the torque distribution between the rear and the front to the other side. But rest assured, assuming you are in BMW’s professionally tuned 4WD Sport mode, even if it is not completely turned off, the nanny can relax, but there is still enough power to pull the car down. BMW dials in this “relaxed traction control” mode, even better than anyone else. In this case, it can make you feel like a hero, but cut in before the twitch in the back becomes 360 degrees. But please beware of RWD mode. No BMW hero is waiting for you to gain the confidence of 617 horsepower and avoid getting caught in a telephone pole.

The soft dampers that made highway cruising and rough roads more acceptable this year did not seem to affect handling. However, this is one of the few BMWs that needs to switch the shock absorber stiffness into Sport or Sport Plus mode to make the most of it.Comfort mode is indeed Comfortable In the current M5, with the size and weight of this car, the lack of edges is magnified. When the maximum attack power is reached, the M5 uses its summer rubber to firmly grasp the corners. The limit is obviously high, so you must make full use of the racing track to fully explore the true features of this car.

Only two obvious shortcomings make it obvious. First: brakes. Although the huge carbon-ceramic material (additional $8,500) will make this car hurriedly off speed, the feel of the brake pedal is simply horrible. It was mushy the first time I stepped on the brakes and never stood up properly or provided useful feedback. They think they are suitable for casual city driving, and you want an easy-to-adjust, softer pedal. Even after a week of driving, when braking on a curve, it is still difficult to correctly judge the brakes.Unlike many other BMW cars with adjustable brakes (thanks Wire-controlled brake technology), M5 is any mode it does not have. The second problem is steering feel or lack of steering feel, which is the lowest result among BMW complaints today. It naturally becomes heavier in corners, and the non-run-flat tires make this BMW’s steering gear better than many cars with run-flat tires in the past, but when it feels connected to it, BMW still lags behind. Mercedes-AMG. The road through the wheels.

This is why BMW belongs to the super strong German class Luxury cars, behind Mercedes.We are still willing to drive the E 63 S (car or Wagon), which is a better car, but BMW is a better driver than the closest competitor Audi: 2021 RS 7 Avant-garde. If BMW made the M5 roof version of Touring, we have a feeling that it might be tapped midway. Our super station wagon comparison test,second only to AMG, But better than Audi Sport. It even keeps pace with other German competitors at a tested price of US$141,045.

All technical and functional updates ensure that the M5 stays in sync with fresh German-made explosives, and the new suspension drill bit makes it truly usable as a daily and weekend rail car. In view of this, I can conclude that BMW M5 It’s back again, it just sits on top of the M badge throne of the 5 series. Sorry, your short life span M550i.

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