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From a specific perspective, Lincoln Blackwood Far ahead of its time. Today, luxury pickup trucks are everywhere. From Denalis to Platinums, and everything in between, every full-size truck in the United States is equipped with leather upholstery leather, chromed outer cover and the largest badge along the Mississippi River. Maybe Texas. either way, black wood Earlier than them.

No matter how you look at it, Blackwood is an irreducible disaster. Lincoln In just one year, the model killed its luxury pickup, and a total of 3356 black woods were built. As history continues to prove that Americans do have an appetite for expensive luxury trucks, it seems that a series of suspicious decisions ultimately doomed Kuroki to fail.

We will discuss some of these decisions here, but (“spoiler alert”) some interesting points are 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Rare, but still accessible, compromised but still very interesting.

Why choose Lincoln Blackwood?

It is rare, it is unique. The first of those questionable decisions we will discuss is its truck chassis.Following success Concept cars Appear in Auto show Lincoln decided to produce pickup trucks on the track. The pickup truck had a smaller bed with a depth of 56.3 inches and an area of ​​about 27 cubic feet. It is larger than the trunk of a car, but compared to pickup trucks and other trucks of any shape, it is much smaller and less useful to use.

But that truck bed is actually very interesting. It is carpeted, lined with stainless steel, illuminated by LED lights, and covered with an electric wine barrel that prevents weather changes. There are also lockers on the side of the bed and the rear double doors-yes, there is no traditional backsplash. A pair of separate side hinged doors can be accessed from the rear.

The last thing about the bed is that it looks like African wenge. Not so-although the concept is a real wooden decoration, the production version looks like wood, but it is actually a kind of plastic with a realistic wooden appearance, but not very realistic, but with glue lines. Maybe? Such a thing.So maybe wood Part of Blackwood’s nickname is a bit ostentatious, but that doesn’t change its unique facts.

Beyond the trunk bed, the black wood looked quite luxurious that day. The second problematic decision we want to point out is that it is equipped with four black leather bucket seats, two in each row, separated by large consoles that look large enough to be used as ice buckets or Baby cradle. The front seats are heated and cooled by perforated Connolly leather upholstery. This means that these thrones are very comfortable, and the internal space for the occupants of the Quartet is not to be short.

We didn’t specify the way Lincoln chose advertising Kuroki is one of our so-called suspicious decisions, but… well, maybe we should do this? In any case, maybe commercials like this help the rarity of trucks.

Which Lincoln Blackwood to choose?

It’s easy. Any one of them is because they are almost the same.Suspicious Decision Three: The only engine provided is FordThe 5.4-liter V8 engine has 300 horsepower and 355 pound-feet of torque.The Lincoln version of the modular V8 has four valves per cylinder and dual overhead camshafts instead of Ford F seriesThe simpler single overhead cam design has increased Ford’s power rating by 260 horsepower and 350 lb-ft. But Ford has a supercharged version that can output 380 ponies and 450 pound-feet of power.The four-valve valves used in various Shelby brands also have higher output versions Mustang Produced more than 500 horsepower. In short, it is nice to see some other features in Blackwood.

Doubtful decision four: All Black Woods are rear-wheel drive. Obviously, providing a pickup with four-wheel drive will make the suspension height higher than Lincoln’s allowable range. We think it may also adversely affect the quality of the ride. However, it is better to provide customers with options.

Suspicious decision five: They are all black, from the inside out. We guess that Lincoln chose to go all out to participate in Blackwood theme activities.

In any case, all this means that potential buyers only need to find black wood in good condition near them. There are really no options to consider, so look for options that have been properly handled and/or have lower mileage.

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What else to consider?

As we said at the beginning of the Blackwood Spotlight, today’s automotive market is full of luxury truck options. However, as early as 2002, Blackwood was a trend-setting person.

General Motors Enter the luxury truck game through it Cadillac At roughly the same time, but with a completely different view of the fledgling concept.This Escalade EXT Based on innovation Chevrolet Avalanche It also provides the concept of an expandable bed similar to the truck. It also provides four-wheel drive.

The “blue oval” left in the Ford family and Harley-Davidson optimized and supercharged its F-150 As of the 2004 model year, it is hard to argue that the final pickup will compete on the same luxury court as Lincoln or Cadillac.

Rely on Mark LT In 2005, although it achieved greater sales success, it lasted for three full model years and worked like a suitable pickup, but it was not as unique or attractive as Kuroki.

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