15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana [With Suggested 3 Day Itinerary]

Want to spend a perfect holiday in the tranquil Rocky Mountains? Whitefish in Montana will give you what you want!

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Whitefish is a small town in Montana known as the gateway to the magnificent peaks of Glacier National Park. The mountains are popular places for hiking, skiing and more outdoor activities, and you will have an amazing experience here.

For a relaxing holiday, you can go for a picnic or try rowing. Whitefish MT can always do something for you according to your preferences!

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To give you a deeper understanding of what is in this town, we have listed things you can do or visit in Whitefish, Montana. If you are visiting this wonderful town, this will help you decide or plan your future trip.

Top things to do in Whitefish, montana

1. Glacier National Park

15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana
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From sightseeing, driving, biking, rafting, fishing, camping and hiking, this park has many surprises and activities. Admire the magnificent scenery of waterfalls, rivers, lakes, canyons, mountains, valleys and wildlife. The scenery looks so unreal, you won’t believe your eyes!

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2. City Beach

This is a small beach, perfect for relaxing. Beautiful beach with beautiful mountain views. It also has a snack bar and excellent facilities.try There are many things there, such as swimming, kayaking and any other water sports.

3. Great Northern Brewing Company

15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana
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If you like high-quality micro-brewed beer, then please visit. This local brewery offers premium beers that everyone will love. Not only will you enjoy a good time tasting beer, but the atmosphere of this place is also very welcoming and lively.

4. Pingtou National Forest

15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana
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Ride a bike, hike, and even take your dog out! A great way to enjoy outdoor activities. Since it offers a lot of activities, you may end up staying here for a long time. An ideal place to visit in any season.

5. White Fish Trail

15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana
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Want a wonderful mountain bike or hike? Go to the White Fish Trail.Trails are easy, and they All are well marked. Walk in the woods and explore the area while having fun. If you are in Whitefish Mountain, this is a must visit place.

6. Xinti World Art Museum

It features art from North America, Europe and Asia. By showing all kinds of art, people can really appreciate what this gallery has. The artworks, sculptures, everything you will see inside are perfectly displayed. This is not to be missed.

7. Flash point outdoor laser tag

Experience an exciting and unique experience on Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag. You can play with laser tags in the forest environment. Do this with your friends or family, it is not important, because this activity is great! If you have ever been at Whitefish MT, this should be part of your to-do list!

8. Spotted bear spirit

A great place for a delicious cocktail. The cocktail recipe is unique and creative. Once you go here, you may come back for more. Friendly and kind staff make this place perfect in a good atmosphere.

9. White Fish Farmers’ Market

This market consists of a large number of stalls and food trucks.You will find Fresh produce, baked goods, jewelry, balloon animals, etc. From the last week of May to the end of September, the market is only open every Tuesday from 5pm to 7:30pm.

10. White fish pottery

Beautiful pottery at an affordable price. The shop has many unique gifts and souvenirs that you can buy. If you are looking for a good place to sell unique pottery, this place is the answer.

11.Go to the Sun Gallery

The ideal place to appreciate the exquisite artwork created by local artists. The gallery has a lot of information and the artwork is well displayed. You will also find interesting jewelry inside. All art is done at a reasonable cost. So if you want to buy some local art as souvenirs, this is the place to go.

12. Ko Shan Theater Project

A high-quality live theater that can entertain you and your family or friends. If you want to spend a fun night, this is your best choice.Features of the Gaoshan Theater Project Musicals, plays and concerts. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch.

13. Hugh Rogers Swing Park

Are you traveling with your fur baby? Do you want to see a lot of cute dogs? Go to Hugh Rogers Wag Park. This is considered the best dog park in Whitefish Montana. You and your pet dog will definitely spend a good time here.

14.Great North Mountain

15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana
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If you want to try hiking, you can go to Dabei Mountain. The mountain itself is really scenic. The trail is very simple, but it will be more fun to play with your friends, family or partner. Provide wonderful views upwards, making your trekking more worthwhile and unforgettable.

15. First Presbyterian Church

This historic church was built in 1921. It is very convenient if you are located in downtown Whitefish. The church has gorgeous stained glass windows. You can stay here to pray, or you can visit and admire the popular stained glass.

3-day event in Whitefish, Montana

15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana
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First day in Whitefish, Montana

Great Northern Brewing Company —— Take a sip of the best beer in town. Great Northern Brewing Company serves delicious beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

Day 2 in Whitefish, Montana

Glacier National Park —— It is not impossible to spend a day here, as Glacier National Park offers many exciting activities. You can make one or try all of them! Spend a fulfilling day here!

Day 3 in Whitefish, Montana

Xinti World Art Museum —— Visit this art gallery and admire the amazing works of art. You can also buy souvenirs in their gift shop or spend a relaxing day in their cafe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whitefish, Montana

15 things to do in Whitefish, Montana
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1. Is it safe to travel to Whitefish, Montana?

Compared with other cities in Montana, Whitefish has a higher crime rate. Therefore, it is recommended to always be vigilant. Although crimes against tourists are not common, it is better to take preventive measures.

2. When is the best time to visit Whitefish, Montana?

The best time to visit Whitefish is probably in the fall. At this time, the weather in this city is very calm and you will experience plenty of sunshine. For a more comfortable holiday in Whitefish, autumn is the best place to go.

3. How to get to Whitefish, Montana?

The best way to get to Whitefish is to Kalispell first. If you travel by air, you need to find a flight to Glacier Park International Airport. It is only 13 kilometers away from Whitefish. Some major airlines fly there directly from Denver, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Lake City and Seattle.Check Skyscanner For some available flights.

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