10 tips to help you have a safe journey away

How to stay safe in a new and unfamiliar land are questions a lot of people are concerned about. We would like to send you very helpful tips.

  1. Should explore tourism in the early morning because the weather is cool, with few people passing by, so the space is open, peaceful, fresh air, ideal light for you to take many beautiful pictures … Moreover, Tourists traveling early in the morning will also be less at risk than other times of the day because usually thieves and robbers have “fallen into a dream” after “practicing” at night.
  1. When hitching a stranger, remember the license plate, take a photo of the owner, then post it on social media immediately or send it to a loved one and update the location you are going to. This way, friends and family can find friends if something unusual happens.
  2. For traveling in the wasteland, purchase one radio for each person in the group in advance, in case the phone cannot be reached. This is the basic rule for long and adventurous trips.
  1. When traveling, especially through the forests, do not forget to bring dried sage leaves, bundle them neatly. When you come to an area with a lot of mosquitoes, bite this leaf, the mosquito will not dare to “stick” to you.
  1. Don’t forget to bring a roller or spray deodorant to soothe mosquito or insect bites while exploring wild, nature spots.
  1. If you want the suitcase to be odorless, put 2 fragrant sheets on the bottom of the suitcase.
  2. To prevent shoes from getting too dirty, use paraffin to clean shoes before entering places with many obstacles such as forests;
  1. Offline maps of Google Map will help you find the exact route even without the internet. Only need users to use Wifi to pre-load the map area, then can use it offline as usual.
  1. When you want to make a fire, don’t forget these highly effective flammable snacks.
  2. Laurel leaves are also the top essentials for a trip, especially traveling. If you get sick while going out and cannot find a pharmacy, but this leaf under your tongue and suck.

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