10 High-Income Homecare Jobs In 2021

Do you have free time and want to find part-time jobs at home? Which part-time jobs at home are the trend in 2021, with high income and easy to make money? What are the considerations when looking for work from home? The following article will answer for you. 

Definition of part-time jobs at home

What are part- time jobs at home ? As the name implies, instead of being at the company, you just need to accept jobs online and work from home. The advantage of this form is that you can take the initiative in time, consistent with your own capabilities and abilities. The nature of the work is also quite flexible, not time-constrained, not bound by strict principles and regulations like working in a company. 

What employers care about is the progress and efficiency of your work. At the end of the month, they will pay you by wire transfer. This form is very suitable for moms, office workers, students, and students who want to earn extra income.

Top 10 hottest part-time jobs at home in 2021

1. Selling online

One of the hottest part- time jobs at home today is selling goods online. You can livestream, post products on social networks or classified pages, e-commerce. 

  • Advantages: Does not need much capital, does not need to rent premises, staff. If you are predestined to sell, sooner or later you will become a “holy thousand” with huge sales. 
  • Disadvantages: Must know how to take advantage of social channels, high return rate, competition between shops.

2. Collaborators writing articles

Are you studying journalism? Are you gifted with writing, creative language and want to find part-time jobs at home without capital? Content / copywriter is the right career for you to gain more experience and living capital. The plus point of this job is flexible time, to learn and learn new fields. If you work hard, have attractive style, quality articles, you can earn a few million dong monthly.

3. Administer Facebook Fanpage

This at-home job requires you to have a lot of free time, can rotate shifts, change shifts depending on the schedule you register. The main job is to administer fanpage for shops and organizations; reply to messages, comments from customers, … This is a job to help bring you a great source of income.

4. Get the product outsourcing

It is not necessary to have much experience to do outwork jobs at home such as embroidering pictures, threading rings, folding files, inserting ballpoint pens, stamping lipstick, etc. In addition, you are not under pressure of time or salary by product. However, to get the job you need to pay a fee of raw materials. Therefore, to avoid being deceived, choose reputable units with good feedback. 

5. Translation

A prerequisite of home translation is that you need to be good at a foreign language. Especially the ability to read comprehension to translate correctly. On average, you get paid between 80,000 and 300,000 VND / translated text and about 200,000 – 300,000 VND / episode.

6. Online tutor

With the rise of internet and video calling software, it is possible to be an online tutor. This is definitely an ideal part -time job at home for those who are learning to hone their skills. 

7. Design Freelance

There are also many companies that hire design freelance to work from home to handle jobs quickly and save costs. If you are proficient in Photoshop, AI, you can take on this more in the evening. The characteristic of this job is to pay by product and if done well, the salary is also among the top in part -time jobs with huge income.

8. Streamer

Streamer – who broadcast live while playing games on some online platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch. In Vietnam, famous streamer with huge income, including PewPew, ViruSs, Mixi … Just play the game comfortably, just “cut the wind”, and “pick” money, why many young people enjoy it. and move on to the field. 

9. Data entry

Try searching for part-time jobs on the internet, you will inevitably encounter a lot of job entry related recruitment news. You don’t need expertise, just have computers and basic computer skills to get started. If you get acquainted, it is not difficult to make 2 to 4 million VND / month. 

10. Part-time jobs with Affiliate Marketing

Making money with Affiliate simply means promoting other people’s products based on a link. What you need to do is find a way for customers to access the link and buy the product. You will then receive a commission from the provider. The advantage of this form is not restricting, not “hugging” or having to take care of regular customers.

Business technology groceries at home with VinShop

If your house has a large premises, near a big road, crowded population, why not try opening a technology grocery store? First you need to determine how much capital is available? Budgeting for each item such as upgrading, repairing, buying shelves, equipment, … Next is to find cheap, quality goods and import each item a little for trial sale. Then evaluate which items are best-selling and enter bulk for sale. 

If you are worried about where to import, you can refer to the VinShop application. This is a smart application that supports grocery store owners from import, advance, control, manage goods, support online payment, sales, … Especially, you can order many at the same time. items with many attractive deals and home delivery to you the next day. Certainly, if you have a well-planned plan and a selling proposition, this will be the field that helps you “get money” at the present time.

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