10 Business Ideas Without Capital In 2021

Starting a business without capital or selling online without capital, is it possible? In fact, getting rich is not difficult, it’s just that you’re not on the right track. The following article will share with you business ideas without capital to make money in 2021 for you to try.

1. How is a business without capital?

Business is easy to bring profits but contains many risks. And if you are not alert, you will be “empty handed”. This is a challenge that prevents many young people from starting a business. So have you ever asked yourself what business question without capital ? This form is understood simply as making money by yourself with your own abilities. Or sell goods to manufacturers and receive a commission without having to spend money on goods. For example, you work as a tutor, training specialist, broker, online retail,….

2. 10 ways to do business without capital in 2021

If you are burning the intention to start a business or want to test your ability, you can refer to the following business areas that do not need capital !

2.1. Selling study materials, presentation slides

This way of selling online without capital is suitable for students who make essays, projects, presentations. “Capital” here is just the knowledge learned in the lecture hall or synthesized from the specialized books. Remember to present it scientifically, understandably and then link to the file sharing and posting sites. Readers who want to download your document will have to pay a fee. For example 1000 – 3000 VND / download. Try multiplying by 1000 people and subtracting% from the webmaster you will also get a pretty good amount.

2.2. Online computer software installation

Doing business without capital in this way requires specialized knowledge of information technology. Especially understand and know how to crack common computer softwares. There are also many young people who are trying out this model and posting services on the classified pages and forums. When the guest contact you, you can install it online via teamviewer without having to go in person. The cost will be about 30,000 – more than 100,000 VND depending on the software and customer requirements. 

2.3. Business Ebook

You have the ability to write, have social knowledge, in-depth knowledge of a certain field, why not make Ebooks and sell them online? There are many bloggers that start out this way and have been successful. After that, when it is accepted by readers, a book will be published. In addition, you can be an SEO contributor, blog about food, travel experiences and you make money from royalties, advertising, affiliate links, info products. Great idea to help solve the business question without capital ?

2.4. Dropshipping – online business without capital

When you search for the phrase ” Muon lam giau but do not have money ” on the internet you will see the concept of dropshipping. This form is quite popular in the field of cosmetics and fashion. Specifically, you will be the intermediary to receive the customer’s order. When you have the application, you transfer it to the agent affiliated with you, they will ship the goods to the customer. When the transaction is successful, you will receive a commission as agreed.

2.5. Real estate brokerage

Going in this direction, you do not need to set up a company, just have experience in the field of buying and selling real estate. To make a profit, you need to find sources of real estate for sale or rent and find customers for that source of real estate. The owner of the property will pay you a fee if the sale or lease is successfully concluded.

2.6. Tour guide for foreigners

This is a business form that does not need capital, which is chosen by many young people because they both practice communication skills and their foreign language skills while sharing experiences and knowledge about Vietnamese scenery and cuisine. You will receive tips from visitors depending on the charm and ability. Only with your own capital, you will make money in a short time. 

2.7. Tutor

Are you studying pedagogy? Do you study well in certain subjects? Please share your knowledge with others. This will help generate income for yourself, practice communication, good for you to apply for a job at school in the future. Salary will range from a few tens to several hundred thousand depending on agreement with parents. If you have qualifications, learners, and academic progress, of course parents will not let you lose.

2.8. Online training

Online learning is being loved by many people because of the initiative of time, the cost is not too high, suitable for all subjects. If you know programming, web design or graphics, editing, create your own lessons and upload them to your Facebook group. Or can also teach via Skype with students.

2.9. Become partner of Youtube

There have been many Vietnamese people who have become famous and rich thanks to Youtube. This is the motivation for you to follow this method. Signing up for an account is free and it’s easy to upload your videos. The most important thing is to create ideas, topics that are attractive and get many views. Remember, however, that community standards must be aligned. Once you have a certain amount of views and followers, you will win sponsorship or sell ads on your videos. This helps you to have a huge profit while the initial capital you spend may be 0 or very little.  

2.10. Get job by hour

Is this an attractive business opportunity? The busy work leaves many people who do not have time to buy goods, pick up their children, have meals, clean the house … You can get the service to do these odd jobs by day or by service hour. On the weekends, holidays are very feasible because the needs of people are so high. 

3. Business notes that do not require capital 

  • Find a place to promote effective services: You should exploit social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, business web, classifieds. Even the e-commerce exchanges.
  • Don’t ignore any customers: In tough and competitive business times, getting customers in contact is extremely valuable. Therefore, you should try to exploit the wishes of customers, satisfy their needs and take care of them carefully. In addition, it is possible to learn through audience tools to have a better sales strategy.
  • Try a business loan: If you do not have capital but want to do grocery business, you should try to find out the “Advance capital” solution deployed by VinShop and Techcombank. This service supports a loan of up to 70 million to help grocery owners secure money to import goods. The registration process is also very simple, no mortgage is required. In addition, when importing goods, shop owners also receive a discount and receive many attractive incentives.

Above some business ideas without capital that you can apply immediately to make money. Hope to help you find your own direction. Good luck!

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